Cher Archange

Cher Archange is the owner and founder of Cher Archange Beauty LLC, a company that provides natural and effective hair care products.
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Growing up, she and other women in her life turned to perms and harsh chemicals to treat their hair. Eventually, Cher opted instead to cut her hair off rather than continue to use harsh chemicals. However, she struggled to find any products to style her natural hair while keeping it healthy. So, she decided to create her own.

It Was Time

The lightbulb moment came as both men and women began complimenting her hair and asking for advice. Seeing that others were struggling just as she had inspired her to build a brand of hair care products that were proven to work. Cher Archange Beauty was born out of a deep desire to help everyone have healthy beautiful hair.



Offering affordable yet effective products, Cher Archange Beauty caters to those looking to heal, strengthen, and grow their hair. Using only high quality and natural ingredients, each product delivers maximum benefits with no damage. The brand keeps up to date with the latest trends, treatments, and styles, making them your one stop shop for maintaining your natural hair!

Cher is passionate and dedicated to educating others about hair care. Natural styles can take an enormous amount of time and effort, especially when you’ve just set out on your natural hair journey. However, with the right products, you’ll be able to care for your hair with ease. Cher believes that your hair is your Glory Crown, and with Cher Archange Beauty, you can keep that crown shining and glamourous!
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